Such Great Faith

“I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith.” [Luke 7:9]


Are you a Roman Centurion? Do you walk in authority? Do people actually do what you ask them to do? Do people follow you?


What would have prompted a Roman soldier, a man with authority, to approach Yeshua for the sake of his servant? Can we put ourselves in his sandals?


When we pray, do we actually believe our prayers are being heard, much less answered? And when they are answered, will we receive everything we asked for? Where is our faith?


The exchange between Yeshua and the Roman Centurion stands out as one of the most stunning passages in the Holy Scriptures. How unlikely that a man with authority inside the overseers of Israel pursues the help of a Jewish prophet. You see, everyone questioned Yeshua.


They questioned his authority. They questioned his birthright. They questioned his words. They questioned his understanding of the scriptures. They questioned his coming out of Nazareth. They questioned his healing the sick and raising the dead. 


The list goes on and on. Yeshua was redirecting the course of his disciples; recharting the destiny of Israel; rearranging life on earth. He was bold, controversial, and nonconforming. In the end, his questioning of presumptuous Sanhedrin leaders would cause those rabbis to leverage Roman authority and orchestrate his own crucifixion.


Yet, veiled within these hierarchies a Pharisee Nicodemus steels away, a Centurion strays, seeking the face of Yeshua. These courageous actions, witnessed by a handful of disciples, would lead to the salvation of Israel, the conversion of the Holy Roman Empire, and the dissemination of the gospel to the four corners of the earth. All because of great faith.


When authority is granted, it is often questioned. That’s not bad. But when authority has been abused, it must be brought to light. The religious leaders of Israel, of Rome, and virtually every government created by humanity has abused the gifts that God places in their hands.


On the other hand, Yeshua had not abused his authority. The Centurion knew that Yeshua was able to heal his servant. He was a man of faith. He was a man who walked in authority, and he recognized a kindred spirit who properly honored authority.


Now it’s our turn. We have God’s authority. The same Spirit that raised the Firstfruits of creation from the dead resides within. Put your great faith in Him.

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