July  2017

Identity Choice

You are a chosen people…1 Peter 2:9

What’s your identity? Where did you come from? What color is your skin? How about your ethnicity, your gender, your heritage?

Sometimes we get to make our own choices. I choose my clothes. I choose what I want to think and say. I choose the places I go. I choose the people I want to be with.

However, some choices were made for us. We can’t change our parents. We can’t change the color of the sky. How about choosing our identity?

There’s a lot of focus these days on the subject of identity. In our culture the choices we make seem to be based upon the kind of life we’d like to live. That appears to be taking center stage. But wait a minute; we’re overlooking the Grand Designer.

The most important choice concerns our faith. We get to decide what we believe. We choose how and why we believe in God. And, by His grace, we are allowed to freely worship Him in this nation. This was the overriding passion of our founding fathers.

Consider the freedoms and choices God has given us. It starts with life. What a priceless gift! We are the stewards of the earth. We have dominion over all that happens here. Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are built on this Cornerstone. 

The fact is God gives us our true identity. It is our Lord’s desire that we embrace the identity he gives us as His sons and daughters. He looks at us as He looks at Yeshua, His very own Son – the Firstfruits of creation. 

God chooses to be with us. When He called Israel out of bondage in Egypt, he called us to Himself. (…how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself. Exodus 19:4). He wants to be close to us – close to His creation. When He sent His Son, it was to show us how much He wants to be with us. So much so that in Yeshua’s final prayer He asks His Heavenly Father to make us one with Him. Let that sink in.

So, stop your searching for new identity. You already have been offered the very best identity your heavenly Father has to offer. We are fashioned with our God-given identity through our faith in Him and the One whom He sent. 

It doesn’t get any better than this. The best choice for your identity was made for you. Let’s receive it with humble gratitude. Let’s embrace it with shouts of praise!


First Fruits First is a monthly devotional newsletter intended to encourage the believer. The principle of First Fruits traces back to the Hebrew Scriptures where the people of God offered back to Him the first portion of what was earned, received or produced in grateful acknowledgement of His provision.

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