November 2018

Companion Peace    

He Himself is our Peace [Ephesians 2]. I will never leave you or forsake you...I am with you always [John 14].


The Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh, is with me, with us.


Those who know me will quickly discover I have another steady companion – Sadie. Sadie is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. No matter where or when I go, she wants to be with me.


The moment I put on my shoes or grab my hat she runs for the backdoor. There she rears up to make sure she’s in position when I open the door. From there she takes her station next to the car - poised to jump into the backseat. Traveling with me thrills her.


I am not trying to make the case that Sadie is like the Holy Spirit to me. Quite the contrary, I am declaring that I am like the Holy Spirit to Sadie. I am not claiming any type of deity. My point centers upon steadfast dedication.


Sadie believes I have her best interest in mind and heart. And though she offers me undying love, she doesn’t always demonstrate complete obedience. However, she knows I love her dearly and I only correct her when she’s disobedient. 


As any good parent or supervisor, I make sure Sadie understands the guidelines. So when guidance is needed, she already knows when her behavior is inappropriate.


Is it any different with the Holy Spirit? The Lord shows us the boundaries of proper behavior. Do we honor them? Do we speak truth? Do we accept property lines? Do we help those in need? Do we share our possessions? Do we share our faith?


The Holy Spirit lives within us. He is our constant companion. He is our peace. We learn obedience by listening to our master’s voice. So where are we headed with this analogy? The question that looms is, “Are we as excited about being with God as my sweet Sadie is about being with me?”


Do I yearn to be with God? Will I make the sacrifice of my firstfruits? Will I drop everything and run and jump just to be near my God? Sadie will do anything to be with me. Let’s treat Holy Spirit with the same respect. He’s our companion peace.

First Fruits First

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