July 2018

Think Soberly

For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith [Romans 12:3].

Life presents each of us with a daily tug-of-war as we wrestle between exercising our own will of self-determination verses exemplifying God’s will for grace, humility and mercy. 

It simply is not possible to live a holy life without listening to God. For people of faith, this submission to His Voice is essential if we are to walk in the Spirit. A sober thinker is one who submits to God. And one who submits to God is a person who walks by faith.

Note Paul’s divine inspiration is “through the grace given to me.” Our very ability to discern is the result of God’s gift of grace. Paul is communicating to any and all who are willing to listen that self-promotion is a trap.

But there is more, much more. When we exercise our muscle of faith, God directs our thoughts.

Ponder this revelation. Faith in God results in clarity of thought!

We therefore conclude that sober thinking is not possible without a walk of faith. In fact, sobriety isn’t possible without divine intervention. I’m not limiting my discussion to the absence of mind altering substances. That’s the obvious response when we first see this verse.

The call to sober living is the fruit of our faith. The best way to start thinking about God is to look at where He starts. He starts with Firstfruits.

Faith in God is the result of our encounter with the supernatural realm and the acceptance that there is a God and He has our very best interests firmly in His mind.

As we meditate on where God starts, then we know where we should start. Anyone who starts with Yeshua is a clear headed, sober thinker. This is the blessed outcome of walking by faith.

First Fruits First

First Fruits First is a monthly devotional newsletter intended to encourage the believer. The principle of First Fruits traces back to the Hebrew Scriptures where the people of God offered back to Him the first portion of what was earned, received or produced in grateful acknowledgement of His provision.

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